With color screen, 51 MCU development board learning board with AD DA fully functional experiments board

With color screen, 51 MCU development board learning board with AD DA fully functional experiments board

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With color screen, 51 MCU development board learning board with AD DA fully functional experiments board

Microcontroller has been into the color era HOT-51 enhanced microcontroller development board equipped with a color LCD, and add color to your microcontroller learning.

Microcontroller space upgrade it. Our national development board first with *** STC90C516RD + MCU. STC90C516RD + the the upgraded version STC89C516RD + and STC89C52RC pin is fully compatible. STC90C516RD + 61K of FLASH STC89C52RC 7.6 times.


1 standard color LCD. Increase the color for your microcontroller learning.
2 to pioneering ~ with SD deck, add a large-capacity storage space for the SCM system.
3 ~ first ~ with thermistors and photoresistors can Metering strength and temperature. Closer to engineering applications.
4, pioneered 12 * 12 key quality, is even more beautiful. The keys are closer to engineering applications.
5, the first-line download. Board PL2303HX chip, easy first-line download.
6, the development board is an upgraded version of the HOT-51 MCU development board

Development board luxury features comparison:


Microcontroller development board a
2.STC90C516RD + microcontroller one (the chip is 7.6 times the space of the STC89C52RC)
Color LCD LCD a
4 new stepper motor
5 a new DC motor
6 brand new 1602 LCD (with backlight oh) a
7 New 18B20 temperature sensor is a
8 a thermistor (
Photoresistor a
10.8 * 8 dot matrix a
11. High-quality 2.0USB square port line a
12 Quality the DuPont-line ten
13 real-time clock battery holder and battery of a
14 color shorting cap: 12 (panel 7)
15. Three crystal: 11.0592M, 12M, 24M each one
16. New infrared remote control (send button batteries) a
17. Supporting DVD disc (SCM teaching video two C language teaching video, PROTEL multilayer board teaching video, microcontroller compiler software and download software, MCU learning materials and the development board supporting procedures and circuit.)


Detailed Description:

A color LCD (the distribution color screen. MCU can also control the color screen, so you learn fun)

2, four-phase stepper motor control interface (that have been distributed to the stepper motor, stepper motor control) can be contacted directly plug in to the board containing the driver.
DC motor interface (distribution DC motor PWM speed control of DC motor can practice) direct access to the board containing the driver.

4, AD / DA chip PCF8591T (do AD and DA experiments, AD, DA is a very important function, close to the project, close to the actual application)

5, photoresistors, thermistors (AD features practical application metering strength, temperature, compared with other development board can only measure voltage adjustable resistance, more interesting)

6, SD card connector (SPI programming experiments, can do SD card storage of large amounts of data)

7,8-bright LED light-emitting diode (do flashing lights, merry-go-round, all kinds of tricks lights)
8,8-bit the total cathode the digital pipe (numbers and letters, you can enable and disable the latch function can be used simultaneously) and LCD
9,8 * 8 dot matrix (pattern to do simple guy)
10,4 x 4 matrix keyboard (the familiar matrix keyboard encoding, decoding scanning principle, as a man-machine input interface)
11,3 fine independent keys (do ordinary independent the key detection test, but also can be external interrupt INT0 INT1, outside timer T0 experimental)
12, EEPROM AT24C02 (do IIC bus experiment, you can store data to the chip)
13, DS1302 clock chip (familiar with the SPI bus, the DS1302 can make a calendar electronic clock)

14, spare battery clock chip (DS1302 battery backup, the time Wing stop)
15 infrared integration receiving head (do infrared decoding test, we are presented with the board infrared remote control, with the development board test)

16 infrared emission head (do infrared emission experiments with infrared integration receiving head experiment)
17, the temperature sensor DS18B20 chip (already distribution. Learning to write 1-WIRE bus program, collecting temperature, do the thermometer.)

18, USB to serial chip PL2303HX (USB to serial experiments, and can be used to download STC SCM, first-line download, convenience)
19, use UNL2003, high-power driver chips (used it to drive stepper motors, DC motors, relays and buzzer)
Test (20,74 HC138 learning the digital chip thirty-eight decoder test)
21, HC573 test (latch Use)

22,74 HC245 experiment (to learn the use of tri-state buffer gate)
23, relay test (low-voltage control of high voltage)
24 MAX232 serial communication chip (computer communication, but also can be used as STC microcontroller download program interface)
25, passive buzzer (allows a single-chip voice, singing MCU become organ)
26 crystal oscillator can be free to replace (especially with a gold-plated crystal socket, doing experiments require different crystal frequency can be very convenient plug replacement, we are presented with the board three different frequency crystal 11.0592MHZ 24MHZ, 12MHZ each a)
27, with 7805 chips (you can add 7V-12V power supply, it is best to choose the power of OUR first wife)

28, with the LM1117 voltage regulator chips (powered color LCD and SD Card)

29,1602 LCD Character LCD (already marked send 1602 can display two lines of 16 ASCII characters per line.)

30,12864 LCD interface (plug Character Graphics LCD)
31, PS2 interface (MCU can easily control the USB mouse, keyboard and other equipment)
32 ISP download interface (which can be downloaded directly Series 51 AT89S51 AT89S52 MCU, AVR series ATMEGA8515 microcontroller)
33,32 IO expand outside interface (convenient secondary development)
34,40 PIN the furrowed Block (very convenient microcontroller chip pick-and-place)
35, USB powered (USB 500MA current, fully able to meet the needs of the development board)
36, reserve power +5, GND interface (user-friendly expansion of other peripheral circuits take power and common ground)

Abbiamo disponibili datasheet di tutti i componenti, qualora non fosse presente nella scheda download del prodotto inviaci un messaggio dal modulo contattaci e lo pubblicheremo il prima possibile nel nostro sito.

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With color screen, 51 MCU development board learning board with AD DA fully functional experiments board

With color screen, 51 MCU development board learning board with AD DA fully functional experiments board

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