Wireless serial module (Freescale Smart Car Competition Queen STM8 + SX1212 +5 CM antenna)

Wireless serial module (Freescale Smart Car Competition Queen STM8 + SX1212 +5 CM antenna)

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Wireless serial module (Freescale Smart Car Competition Queen STM8 + SX1212 +5 CM antenna)

?-generation wireless module

Alternative to traditional wired 232 \ 485 program

Completely resolved late wired the program construction cumbersome, equipment maintenance costs high conundrum

Product Overview

The the UTC1212 module is highly integrated ultra-low power half-duplex micro-power wireless data transmission module, high performance and low power consumption STM8L101 processor embedded on-chip integration, using the latest generation of high-performance RF chip the SX1212. Wrong encoding SX1212 efficient innovation cycle interleaving error detection, jamming and sensitivity are greatly improved, the module provides a choice of multiple channels can be modified online serial rate, transmit power, RF rate and other parameters, secondary the development of simple and convenient, of course, by the MCU to set general parameters, the the module voltage range of 2.1-3.6V, suitable for battery-powered and handheld applications development consumes only 3.2mA in receive state, there are four operating modes. Power saving mode (Polling mode) 1SEC cycle polling wake, receiving only consumes less than 20uA to theoretically a 3.6V/3.6A lithium batteries can work for more than 10 years, the distance also very far with our company8.5cm rod antenna, measured within 500 meters of stable transmission, 700 meters is still a signal, such as the 1000 meters with a higher gain antenna is not a legend, and other wireless chips such as NRF905 The CC1101 targets the communication distance of about 200 meters, and receives current In about 20mA!

Antennas in wireless applications, use 8.5CM antenna test, a good match, the communication distance. Antenna on the market all the test optional the 4.5CM antenna and ordinary spring antenna distance is not ideal (200 meters) although the the 8.5CM antenna cost high, but given the performance of the first, it is recommended 8.5CM 8.5CM volume antenna manufacturers, so specially commissioned custom 5CM antenna, the effect is close to the the 8.5CM effect, 450 meters.


Module Name: UTC-1212SE
Module size: 33mm * 19mm * 1mm
Interface Pitch: 2.54mm DIP package
RF IC: SX1212
Process: the use of high-precision components, a wide range of civil, industrial product applications set design

Typical parameters
Operating voltage
2.1 - 3.6
Temperature Range
-40 To +85
Operating Humidity
10% to 90%
Operating frequency
Adjustable power parameters
-8.5 To +12.5
Air transfer rate
1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 40K
Emission current
Continue to receive the current
Sleep Current
The highest sensitivity
Serial transfer rate
Maximum packet length
The number of parameters to modify

Basic characteristics

(1) The operating frequency of the best results in the 430-440MHz band (antenna matching), for multi-node special occasions
(2) wireless module air rate the lowest 1kbps, the highest 40kbps, the software is free to set
(3) UART (Universal Asynchronous serial) interface support 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600bps,
(4) SX1212 to receiving only current 3mA hibernation only 1.5uA, 10dbm conditions under emission current is only 25mA
(5) The dormant only 1.5uA, wake-up time software can be set, the shortest 50ms, the longest 5S, to meet the low-power device requirements
(6) transmit power minimum-8.5dbm, select maximum +12.5 dbm, the eight stalls continuously software set
(7) FSK modulation, high sensitivity, and using CRC efficient error correction coding, strong anti-jamming capability
(8) large-capacity data buffer time to send and receive up to 256 bytes of FIFO maximum support
(9) standard DIP spacing interface, the most common interface, ease of embedded applications


(1) SX1212 chip support 300-510MHZ, but considering the antenna matching, recommended that the work in the 430-440MHz band
(2) wireless module air rate is lower, the higher the receiver sensitivity, effective communication distance farther
(3) MCU control UTC1212 module to exchange data via the TXD and RXD lines
(4) Although the the SX1212 chip maximum transmission power may be set to +12.5 dBm, but the power supply is usually lower than 3.6V

(2 battery 3V), coupled with the inevitable loss of the circuit itself, so the module is generally effective radiated power of about +10 dbm
(5) Common The CC1020 ADF7021 each data length of a, NRF905 maximum packet length of 32 bytes, the CC1101, SI4432 transceiver, data length is 64 bytes, the large amount of data transmission applications compared to UTC1212 module more convenient
(6) NRF905, CC1101 receive current up to 30mA, compared SX1212 low-power advantages significantly under the same transmit power


Basic workflow

(1) module is usually in the reception state, once the data is received, the data will have been received by the UART output, when you SCM can be used by the interrupt receiving mode the data is read and stored, to facilitate processing (such as alignment, data display)
(2) the need to send the data, just need the data to be sent by the UART interface transfer UTC1212 module, the module automatically receive the data after the wireless transmitter automatically sent after the switch to receive mode

Operating mode
Work status
Mode 1

SET_A = 0

SET_B = 0
Normal mode
UART function is turned on, the module is continuing to receive state set low the AUX UART serial data input, and switch to launch state to send data, and data transmission after re-set the high AUX feet and re-transferred to continue to receive the state.

When in this mode, the module to send data, and not to send the longer the preamble, it requires the receiver must be in the mode 1 or mode 2, such as the module from the current channel of the received data, after the CRC checksum confirmation, the data is correct, low AUX and immediately from the serial output data set high the AUX send the rear end.
Mode 2

SET_A = 0

SET_B = 1
Wake-up mode
UART function is turned on, the module is continuing to receive state when the serial data input, to set low AUX, and switch to launch state to send data, and data transmission after re-set the high AUX feet and re-transferred to continue to receive the state. In this mode the module to send data, so the receiving side is in Mode 1, Mode 2 or Mode 3 are able to receive the data. Such as the module receives the data from the current channel, after the CRC check confirmed that the data is correct, set low AUX and immediately output data from the serial port, set high again sent after the AUX. And the the mode by timing Sleep principle, to let modules in Sleep state and a reception mode timing switch, thereby reducing the module power consumption state in accordance with a certain time duty.
Mode 3

SET_A = 1

SET_B = 0
Power saving mode
UART function is turned off, further reduce power consumption, the receiver in a wake-up period (such as one second) to open and search channel synchronization signal, if not immediately hibernation to wait for the next wake cycle and then wake up as listener the synchronization signal is in the receiving state and the data receiving closing down. After the CRC confirm the data is correct, set AUX to wake up the next bit machine, wait for 5ms open the serial port and output data.

Serial output after closing the serial port, set high the AUX, such as mode setting has not changed again to enter immediately hibernation to wait for the next wake cycle.
Mode 4

SET_A = 1

SET_B = 1
Sleep mode

Configuration Mode
The serial port is turned off, the module is in a dormant state. In this mode, the RF circuit module, CPU clock and peripherals are turned off and the power consumption is only about 1.5uA. Temporarily turn off the module when the mode is mainly used for data transmission and reception is not required, while the parameter settings of the wireless module is also in this mode under the conditions, to assist the completion available through UTC2303 module

Abbiamo disponibili datasheet di tutti i componenti, qualora non fosse presente nella scheda download del prodotto inviaci un messaggio dal modulo contattaci e lo pubblicheremo il prima possibile nel nostro sito.

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Wireless serial module (Freescale Smart Car Competition Queen STM8 + SX1212 +5 CM antenna)
Wireless serial module (Freescale Smart Car Competition Queen STM8 + SX1212 +5 CM antenna)

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