PCF8591 module, AD / DA converter modules, analog-to-digital / digital-analog converter

PCF8591 module, AD / DA converter modules, analog-to-digital / digital-analog converter

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PCF8591 module, AD / DA converter modules, analog-to-digital / digital-analog converter

PCF8591 is A single power supply, low power consumption type 8 COMS A/D, D/A conversion chip, analog input channel, it has 4 road along the analog output channel and one I2C bus interface. The I2C device from the address of the lower three by the chip's A0, A1 and A2 three address pins decision, so the same under the condition of without increasing any hardware I2C bus up to eight of the same type device can be connected. The device has A multi-channel analog input, on track to keep, 8-bit A/D conversion and 8 D/A conversion, etc. A/D and D/A maximum conversion rate is determined by the maximum transmission rate of the I2C bus.
PCF8591 has the following features:
1. The single power supply;
2. Normal working voltage range of 2.5 V to 6 V.
3. Through the I2C bus to complete data input/output;
4. The device address by three pins decision;
5. The sampling frequency is determined by the I2C bus transmission rate;
6.4 way for analog input programmable input single-ended or differential input;
7. Can be configured automatic conversion channel number increase function;
8. Analog voltage range for VSS to VDD;
9. On track keeping function;
10.8 A successive approximation A/D conversion;
11. All the way with analog output the multiplication of D/A conversion.
Module description:
1. The module used in chip for PCF8591T, patch encapsulation
2. Support four-way analog voltage acquisition signal input (voltage input range 0-5 v)
3. With the power supply module 1 (D1)
4. With DA output module 1 (D2), when DA output voltage reaches a certain value, the indicator, the higher the voltage, the brighter the light
5. 1 0-5 v voltage input module integration acquisition (by blue and white potentiometer to adjust the input voltage)
6. The module integrated 1 road photosensitive resistance (model: 5537), can pass AD collection environmental light intensity
7. The module integrated 1 road thermistor (model: MF58), can pass AD acquisition environment temperature
Size: 8. PCB 48 mm * 25 mm * 1.6 mm
9. High quality double panel, circular arc is used to design the four corners, and won't scratch hand. With positioning hole, the pore size of 3.1 mm, easy to use 3 mm copper column is fixed
Connection details:
1. The left 4 row needle:
SDA IIC interface data the (P2.0) microcontroller IO port
SCL IIC interface clock the (P2.1) microcontroller IO port
Positive external 3.3/5 v VCC power supply the anode interface
GND power external 3.3/5 v power cathode cathode interface
2. 8 row needle on the right
Produce AOUT module DA output port
AIN3 3 analog input signal interface
2 AIN2 analog input signal interface
AIN1 interface 1 analog input signal
0 AIN0 analog input signal interface
3 INPUT3 analog input signal interface
INPUT2 is connected to the thermistor signal input port
INPUT1 is connected to the photosensitive resistance signal input port
INPUT0 is connected to the potentiometer signal input port
3. The jumper cap directions for use:
AIN0 connected with INPUT0 jumper cap, choose potentiometer 0-5 v adjustable voltage access circuit
AIN1 connected with INPUT1 jumper cap, selecting photosensitive resistor connected to the circuit
AIN2 connected with INPUT2 jumper cap, choose thermistor connected to the circuit
Need external analog signal input, please disconnect the jumper cap, the analog signal access AIN0 - AIN3


PCF8591 module, AD / DA converter modules, analog-to-digital / digital-analog converter     



1. PCF8591 AD / DA chip introduced
    The PCF8591 Is a monolithically integrated, and a separate power supply, low-power, 8-bit CMOS data acquisition devices. The PCF8591 has the four analog inputs, one analog output and a serial I2C bus interface. PCF8591 three address pins A0, A1 and A2 can be used in hardware address programmed 8 PCF8591 device allows access to the same I2C bus, without the need for additional hardware. On the PCF8591 device input and output of the address, control and data signals are transmitted in serial fashion via the two-wire bidirectional I2C bus.
PCF8591 main performance indicators:
  single power supply
  PCF8591 operating voltage range of 2.5V-6V
  low standby current
  via I2C bus serial input / output
  PCF8591 by 3 hardware address pins addressing
  PCF8591 I2C bus speed sampling rate decided
  4 analog inputs programmable single-ended or differential input
  automatic incremental channel selection
  PCF8591 analog voltage range from VSS to VDD
  PCF8591 built-in track-and-hold circuit
  8-bit successive approximation A / D converter
  1 analog output DAC gain

2.  baby Description
 1 module chip using PCF8951
 2 module supports external voltage input of the 4-way acquisition (voltage input range of 0-5v)
 The module integrated photoresistor by AD collection precise value of the ambient light intensity
 4 module integrated thermistor by the precise value of the ambient temperature of the AD acquisition
 5 module integrated 1 channel 0-5V voltage input acquisition (the blue potentiometer to adjust the input voltage)
 6 modules with power indicator (for the module power supply indicator lights)
 7 modules with DA output indicator, when the module DA output interface voltage reaches a certain value, will be lit panel the DA output indicator, the higher the voltage, the more obvious indicator brightness;
 8 module PCB size: 3.6cm * 2.3cm
 9 standard double panel, thickness 1.6mm, nice layout, surrounded by a through-hole, aperture: 3mm, convenient fixed

3. module interface specification
The module on the left and right, respectively, to expand outside the 2-way pin header, respectively, as follows:
  The left the AOUT chip DA output interface
       AINO chip analog input interface 0
       The AIN1 chip analog input interface
       AIN2 chip analog input interface
       AIN3 chip analog input interface
  The right side of the SCL IIC clock interface connected microcontroller IO port
       SDA IIC digital interface single-chip IO
       GND module with the external ground
       VCC power interface add-3.3v-5v

4. modules red shorting cap to Help
  Module 3 red short cap respectively function as follows:
  P4 connected to P4 shorting cap, select thermistor access circuit
  P5 connect P5 shorting cap, select photoresistor access circuit
  P6 connected to P6 shorting cap, select 0-5V adjustable voltage access circuit

Abbiamo disponibili datasheet di tutti i componenti, qualora non fosse presente nella scheda download del prodotto inviaci un messaggio dal modulo contattaci e lo pubblicheremo il prima possibile nel nostro sito.

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PCF8591 module, AD / DA converter modules, analog-to-digital / digital-analog converter

PCF8591 module, AD / DA converter modules, analog-to-digital / digital-analog converter

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