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Super Digitale lossless WAV audio decoder board MP3 decoder player FM radio 6-12V


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Super Digitale lossless WAV audio decoder board MP3 decoder player FM radio 6-12V

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Super digital lossless WAV audio decoder board MP3 decoder player FM radio 6-12V

The main function: 
1. Support WAV lossless music player, support 320Kbps bit rate high-quality MP3 music.
2. Support SD card, U disk in-line playback, with FM radio. [Radio button to support the state of digital input custom frequency]
3. 5-12V power supply, use more widely, car audio conversion, the former sound source decoding, lossless CD player replacement.
4. Support clock function.
5. Support multiple playback modes.
6. Support power and memory.
Special tips; this baby can not directly access the speaker, you need to be amplified amplifier can drive speakers ~ pro before they must be optimistic about the page description!
Product Features

 [1] function super lossless WAV + MP3 audio decoder board, dual decoder board, with FM radio.
[2] Almighty remote control, 3-8 meters remote control, music and heart.
[3] power-off memory playback, support for volume and track memory.
[4] 8-320Kbps wide MP3 rate range, enjoy the authentic hearing, 320Kbps further up is the lossless music APE format.
[5] support 8-48000Hz sampling frequency of WAV format music files (commonly used is 44KHz and 48KHz), like CD high-quality music you do not miss. DTS surround multi-channel WAV format is not supported.
[6] support SD card, U disk or USB card reader to play music.
[8] 5-12V voltage supply for portable audio production.
[9] The overall circuit wiring beautiful and reasonable, to avoid the noise generated by the self-excited interference, high signal to noise ratio.
[10] Are you still looking for APE player? In fact, APE is compressed from the WAV, sound quality is exactly the same, the difference is that WAV has not been compressed, the file space occupied than the APE only large capacity U disk capacity is not a problem, APE price is too high, Of the lossless music, it is a kind of authentic enjoyment.

The main parameters:
[1] Operating voltage: 5-12V;
[2] working current: 200-900mA;
[3] Support format: 8-320K bit rate of the MP3 format, 8-48000Hz sampling frequency WAV format, DTS surround 5-6 channel does not support the WAV grid test;
[4] operating mode: direct power play, remote control can also be manually operated;
[5] device type: SD card, U disk or load SD card, TF card USB card reader, Note: A small number of cottage U disk due to chip problems may not be compatible with the situation, it is recommended to use genuine U disk.
[6] PCB material: FR-4 super-hard double-sided tin plate;
[7] PCB specifications: 73x33mm, thickness: 1MM; decoder board mosaic installation square hole
Dimensions 76mmX28mm
[8] a set of net weight: 40g. Installation hole size 77 * 28mm
The main function of the use of instructions;
[Repeat Mode]
Press the RPT button on the remote control to switch the mode. [Show fold sequence cycle] [show one cycle] [show CAC random play] [show s1 single play] [show all sequential play]
[Radio FM Description]
Press the remote control Mode button, switch to FM mode, automatically play the existing radio, the upper and lower music to switch the radio. Short press the remote control to automatically search the radio play button. After the completion of automatic storage and broadcasting stations.FM state, the remote control number can be directly input custom frequency radio. For example, 97.7 directly input 977 to play an effective radio.
[Clock function]
In any mode, press the remote control [cLock or U / SD] button to display the time for 3 seconds [Clock 24-hour system] without any operation automatically return to the previous step shows the state of the long press [cLock or U / SD] button to enter the time mode, up and down the track to adjust the number, play the key switch when the sub-bit.Adjustment is completed, the number of flashing 3 seconds and automatically save the current time, without any operation automatically return to the previous display state. The screen displays the time when the remote control is turned off.

[Previous] Short press - to select the upper track, long press - to rewind.
[Next] Short press - to select the next track, long press - fast forward.
[VOL + / VOL-] Volume control key.
[RPT] playback mode
[Digital selection key] 0-9 digit digital selection key, select more than two-digit track to be continuous input, about 2-3 seconds after switching to the selected track, no matter how much your U disk to store tracks, direct track number Quickly switch to the specified track.
EQ] [sound mode, click to switch to standard, heavy bass, classical, soft and other sound mode, only supports MP3 format.
 Product Boli, each person's electronic technology differences, the restaurant does not provide technical guidance on their own technology does not grasp the careful shot, improper use of easy to damage the decoding board components, such as chip burnout can not be normal use of the situation we are regarded as Human factors. Please think twice before filming. Thank you for your cooperation!
Note: This board can not 5V and 12V power supply, 12V power supply, if used for automotive modification 12V power supply, it is recommended according to the following schematic in the power input positive series in series with a resistor (0.5-1W2.2-4.7 Europe) and the diode (1N4007 , RL207, etc.), in order to ensure long-term stability of the board work.



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    Super Digitale lossless WAV audio decoder board MP3 decoder player FM radio 6-12V

    Super Digitale lossless WAV audio decoder board MP3 decoder player FM radio 6-12V

    Super Digitale lossless WAV audio decoder board MP3 decoder player FM radio 6-12V