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Igrometro del Terreno con Relè 12V


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Igrometro del Terreno con Relè 12V

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Package Contains 1 Piece - Relay module soil moisture senser Description of a baby This is a simple water sensor can be used to detect the moisture of the soil, when the soil water deficit, the relay is switched off, and vice versa relay. Use this sensor produced an automatic watering device, so that the plants in your garden need not to manage. 2 adjustable sensitivity (blue digital potentiometer adjustment) 4 Operating voltage 3.3V-5V 5 relay output, more convenient to control. 6 with fixed bolt hole for easy installation 7 board PCB size: 3cm * 1.6cm 8 power indicator (red) and relay and indicator (green) 9 comparator LM393 chip, stable Two small plates Interface Description (2-wire) VCC external 3.3V-5V 2 GND external GND Three use 1 soil moisture module is most sensitive to environmental humidity is generally used to detect the moisture content of the soil. 2 module in the soil moisture of less than the set threshold value, the status of the relays in a disconnected state, the output performance: normally open and public open, normally closed, and public conduction; exceeds the threshold value is set when the soil moisture relay state absorption and status, the performance of the output: normally open with the public on pass, normally closed and public disconnect according to this principle embedded in the own system. Relay wiring parameters: AC voltage 250V, AC current maximum 10A maximum 30V DC voltage, DC current up to 10A Fourth shipping list 1 as shown in a set of soil moisture detection module finished board (including the detection plate and soil humidity probe) 2 20cm DuPont line 2 for easy wiring;


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Igrometro del Terreno con Relè 12V

Igrometro del Terreno con Relè 12V

Igrometro del Terreno con Relè 12V