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6Pin PL2303HXD USB To TTL/RS232


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6Pin PL2303HXD USB To TTL/RS232

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6Pin PL2303HXD USB To TTL/RS232

1. This section for the USB-TTL conversion line, the internal use of PL-2303HXD conversion chip, line length 1M, support windowsXP / WIN / 7/8

2. 6 leads have been drawn, leads to RTS CTS TXD RXD GND 5V:

Red: 5V

White: RX

Green: TX

Black: GND

Yellow; RTS

Blue CTS

3. Can be used for a variety of equipment development, debugging, programming, upgrades, Brush and so on.

4. Do not crash, undead serial port, stable performance, which is the purpose of custom conversion line