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AEO ADF27-05 Plus 10000KV


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AEO ADF27-05 Plus 10000KV

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AEO ADF27-05 Plus 10000KV

b. Slow fly series: 6050/6050R,7060/7060R,8043/8043R,9047/9047R,1047/1047R,1147/1147R 
c. MA series: 8*6/8*6R,9*5/9*5R,10*6/10*6R,11*7/11*7R Item No.: ADF27-05 plus 27mm 10000kv EDF 
Welcome to choose HobbyAcc EDF series items,which are designed for RC hobby airplane model with following features: 
1.We choose the advanced material, which is striking resistance and also high temperature Resistance that can guarantee the stiffness and toughness, greatly decrease the damage ratio. 
2.For appearance, we break down old convention and choose the transparent sea blue color that easily draws customers’eyes. 
3.For fan rotor: our patent design”air absorbed for cooling motor”can excellently perform the heat dissipation .As we all know, the center of the motor is easily generate heat, so we use the rotation of the motor generates a blast of air current that makes the motor “heart”cools down. 
4.For Ducted housing:the classic 3-blade design is the most stable support can guarantee the intensity .And in the aspect of motor coil out and assembling, we break down convention:no external diameter limitation for mounting plate, so any size motor is suitable;The wire coil out from the center of the rotor is more reasonable.


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AEO ADF27-05 Plus 10000KV

AEO ADF27-05 Plus 10000KV

AEO ADF27-05 Plus 10000KV